Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Me!!

New 2011 year, new starts, new working environment and new looking~hahahah~ My hair is getting longer now~so happy~I'm waiting for it to get longer again~so that i can do different hair style~I will never cut it short again~hard to take care of it~prefer long hair~:) so, i took some pictures of myself on the 2nd day of new year~

Take 1






7~ :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun December 2010

On December 2010, I had alot of programmes with family and we took alot of pictures~the pictures are taken by my cousin, Gloria because she has a very good camera~haha~ We gather together at my grandma's house for chatting, went to K-11 for karaok, carolling at my 2nd uncle's house and my small uncle's house, went to Damai Beach for 2 days 1 night trip, baking cupcakes together with my cousins ( ah ben and gloria), christmas eve party at my 5th uncle's house and KL trip on 28th-31st Dec with my family. XD I felt so great on the holidays~

At Airport Starbuck~

Homecook foods at my grandma's house

My house christmas tree~

Sing karaok at K-11 with my aunts and cousins

On the way to damai beach~

Christmas tree at damai~

Our chalet~

Buntal seafood~

Kangkong belacan

Fried rice

Oyster omelette

Steam prawns~

Black pepper crabs~

Sea view at damai~

Christmas cupcakes for my family members

Order from my massage auntie~ Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream on top~

Christmas presents from my 5th uncle~

KL trip on 28th-31st dec~

Met Singapore actor, Mark Lee at Midvalley

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Latest cupcakes~

I had 2 different cupcakes baking today~one is with buttercream and another is with fondant~ I was quite enjoyed but I felt quite tired~I started my baking this morning at 8am until 5pm just now~I spent 4 hours on fondant cupcakes for the decoration~phew~really tired~Back ache, shoulders ache but it was quite fun~:) Let show you all the pictures that I had taken just now~